If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911
Is the perpetrator currently in jail or prison with a sentence of 12 months or more to serve?
Is the person requesting this registration the direct victim of the crime, or an immediate family member of the direct victim?
If the perpetrator is currently incarcerated in a local jail or awaiting trial, you may register for status change notifications using VINElink.com.
Only victims of crime and their immediate family members are eligible to register with NAAVI. If the individual is currently in the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections, you can use the VADOC Inmate Locator to use the inmate search function or view resources.
After sentencing, NAAVI (Notification And Assistance for Victim Inclusion) is the system that the Virginia Department of Corrections Victim Services Unit, the Office of the Attorney General Victim Notification Program, and the Virginia Parole Board Victim Input Program use to assist victims and survivors with post sentencing services and information.
NAAVI provides automated status change notifications regarding inmates that are sentenced to serve 12 months or more in the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) and allows all three agencies access to provide trauma informed services and information regarding the correctional and parole processes, appeal and habeas corpus proceedings, and civil commitment assistance to crime victims. If you have additional NAAVI questions, please call (800) 560-4292.