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Welcome to Notification And Assistance for Victim Inclusion (NAAVI). NAAVI is the system that the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) uses to assist victims and survivors with post sentencing services and information. Victims may use this portal to create a request to receive notifications on inmates who perpetrated a crime against them and then manage their profiles after their requests are processed. NAAVI is a cost free service and the website is accessible 24/7/365. Based on the contact method choices made for your notification request (phone, text message, letter, email, and/or TTY), you will get messages if the inmate has a major status change such as (but not limited to) transfer, death, name change, and release. You may also search for inmates under the supervision of the VADOC, find helpful information and obtain resources or connect with Victim Services staff. If at any time you are concerned for your safety, please call local law enforcement or 911. You deserve to feel safe and it is your right to be informed. We are here to help.
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Approval Process
VADOC staff will review your request and approve or deny notifications based on your eligibility
Status Change
NAAVI tracks all inmate status changes (location, work release, name, etc.)
Following your approval and choices, NAAVI will notify you of any changes regarding an inmate for whom you are registered
The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) Victim Services Unit (VSU) is committed to enhancing public safety by providing information, notification, support, and trauma-informed assistance to victims of crime whose inmates or probationer/parolee are under the custody or supervision of the VADOC. The VSU supports evidence-based programming for inmates and probationer/parolee to identify the impact of their crimes on victims and communities. In addition to notification, the Victim Offender Dialogue program provides victims a voice and aids in the healing process.