If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911
Direct victims of crime, and sometimes members of their immediate family, are eligible to register for notifications. If you are unsure whether you are eligible, please call the VADOC Victim Services Unit at (804) 674-3243. Inmate family members that are not crime victims are not eligible to register.
Click here and follow the instructions to submit your registration. The VADOC Victim Services Unit will review your submission for eligibility, and you will receive confirmation once your registration has been processed.
Yes, crime victims formerly registered with VADOC VINE will continue to receive notifications from NAAVI. NAAVI also provides additional options including a portal you can use to check the status of the inmate and update your contact information. Click here for more information. (Link to the manual or to the login page?)

Inmate family members that are not crime victims are not eligible to register. Your registration will not be accepted. For more information about the Virginia Department of Corrections, please visit vadoc.virginia.gov.
No. It never costs money to use or register with NAAVI. We will NEVER ask for your credit card, bank account, or any other financial information. All notifications, calls to and from our staff, use of our website, and services we provide will always be 100% free for you to use.
Victims of crime are guaranteed certain rights and participation in the criminal justice system under Virginia Law. Your rights as a crime victim are covered under Virginia statute 19.2-11.01. Click here for more information about Virginia’s Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act.
NAAVI is a program providing notifications to registered crime victims about major status changes of inmates in the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections. NAAVI stands for Notification and Assistance for Victim Inclusion.
NAAVI provides notification and information while an inmate is in the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections (the prison system). This includes inmates that are serving 12 months or longer. Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) provides notification on inmates in local jails in Virginia, and also provides notification on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry. For more information about local jail or Sex Offender Registry notifications, please contact 1-800-467-4943. VINE does NOT provide notification or information about inmates in the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections.
To learn more about the services provided by the VADOC Victim Services Unit, please visit our website: https://vadoc.virginia.gov/victim-services/
VADOC Victim Services also offers victim-centered programs including Victim Offender Dialogue (a victim-centered, confidential meeting between a victim/survivor and the inmate or probationer/parolee who committed the crime against them or their immediate family member) and the Victim Impact Program/Victim Guest Speaker Program (a program provided to inmates and supervisees to help them understand the impact and ripple effect of crime, with victim guest speakers as the centerpiece). Please visit our website for more information: https://vadoc.virginia.gov/victim-services/victim-centered-programs/
Notifications can be received by email, letter, text message, phone call, and/or TTY. Notifications include inmate transfer, death in custody, approval for work release, advanced release (notification prior to release), release from custody, legal name change, escape, recapture, parole interview, parole decision, and return to custody.
If you have any questions about NAAVI or other services available to you as a victim of crime, you can contact the VADOC Victim Services Unit at (804) 674-3243. For general questions about the Virginia Department of Corrections, contact (804) 674-3000.
No. At this time, Virginia does not provide any post-release notifications. You can follow up with the VADOC Victim Services Unit at (804) 674-3243 with any questions and concerns that you have after an inmate has been released from custody.